Delivery Service Options

With over 30 years experience in Workplace Deliveries in Melbourne, we have the “know how” to ensure you always get the Milk, Fruit and Tearoom delivery that you want. We can tailor your delivery to suit your needs and our staff are trained to make it happen, the right way, guaranteeing the smoothest possible delivery. If you have a special delivery requirement not listed below just ask us, we are always keen to satisfy your delivery needs.

Door Service
Deliveries are made to a safe area when there is NO access to secured areas.

Floor Service
Deliveries are made outside the lift at your preferred level(s) where there is access to your floor(s) but NO access to secured areas. (we can also supply Milk Coolers to ensure your milk is kept in best condition before you arrive in the morning)

Kitchen Service
Deliveries can be left in your Kitchen(s). Depending on your delivery location, we may require after hours security access.

Luxe Fridge Filling Service
We offer a Deluxe Fridge Filling Service which includes delivery of your Milk directly into your fridge(s). Our trained drivers will rotate and check the dates of any left over milk at the time of delivery. We will also adjust your stock levels for future deliveries based on the history of milk remaining on each delivery. This saves you time and money and allows you to focus on YOUR business and leave the worry and detail to the Milk experts. (we may require after hours security access)