We are pleased to announce our partnership with the T2 tea company. We have a large range of T2 tea available at fabulous prices. We also supply complimentary Tea Tins for each variety of tea when you buy your first pack. Ask us on 1300 336 455 for more information or for a rep to visit you.

T2 offers Australia’s biggest range of beautiful, fragrant teas from all around the world

T2 is cherished by tea devotees all over the world – it’s the tea that thousands of people start and end the day with. T2 is Australia’s leading tea retailer, offering the country’s largest range of premium, fragrant tea and tea wares from all around the globe. A select range of T2 teas is also served in some of the best restaurants and cafes throughout Australia while packaged T2 tea can also be found on the shelves of leading food purveyors. T2 has unfurled and blossomed over the last 17 years, and now sells enough tea per month to make 8 million cups! The iconic brand is beautifully packaged up in an experience that is both unique and immersive; a celebration of the centuries-old art of tea-making.

View our T2 tea Range here.

Corporate perks with a little T2 quirk

Looking for the perfect gift to reward your corporate cronies? We’ve bundled up several T2 gift ideas – from our most popular teas to pots and cups, flasks and infusers – perfect pressies on their own or to add some flavour to hampers. T2 corporate gifts are a cupful of thoughtful and a whole lot of wonderful.

View the Corporate Gift range here.